Telugu is one of the popular languages used on the Internet and very often we get emails and messages from users asking about a typing software for Telugu. We would like to address all these questions using this blog post.

i want free download of telugu typing
i want telugu easy software can u tell me wr i will get
i wnt to telugu typing software

One can use Lipikaar to type in Telugu, in any one of the following ways:

  • Lipikaar Online Editor for Telugu Typing
    Using the online editor, one can type in Telugu online, for free. You can also copy-paste your text and save it into a word doc or send it in an email.
  • Lipikaar Telugu Typing Software for Windows
    This is a paid software with a 3-day trial period. You can download it and try it out for 3 days. It can be used with all Windows Applications like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook Express, etc.
  • Lipikaar Firefox Addon for Telugu Typing
    This free addon can be used with the Firefox browser to type in Telugu in all your favorite websites like Google, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How to Type in Telugu: To view detailed help on how to type in Telugu, please refer to this guide.


  1. balaiah

    nallo telugu chachipothundhi ani bayamga dayachesi naku kadhu kadhu kadhu maku telugu softwre provide cheyandi kindly requestly sirrrrrrr