To register your Lipikaar software, kindly follow these steps:

  • Double click on the “Start Lipikaar” shortcut on your Desktop.
  • In the startup window, click the “Register Lipikaar” button.
  • Fill up the required details in the form and press “OK”
  • A file named “<Your-Sr-No>.LRQ” will be created on your Windows Desktop. Attach the file in an email and send it to


  1. Padmaraj Phillips

    I bought your program and tried to activate with th given Reg.Code. The message said it is now activated and congratulated me and the icon of Trial Period changed to “start lipikaar”. When I double click on that nothing happens. Your message said something about going to Application. I don’t understand what to do.

    1. Anonymous

      Dear Sir,
      Thank you for writing to us, please go through following procedure.

      1. Double Click on “Start Lipikaar” icon on the desktop.
      2. A smaller “Li” icon will appear on task bar next to the system time. (This will indicate that Lipikaar has been enabled on your system)
      3. Open the application to type in such as MS Word.
      4. Right click on the icon and select typing language.
      5. Start typing in Word.

      Refer To:

      Best Regards,
      Lipikaar Team

      Phone: 91-9921949862 (Mon – Fri 10am to 6pm IST)

  2. Tapojyoti Acharya

    I bought lipikaar a few months ago. Lipikaar is amazing but I afraid, the activation method is horrible. Each time when I format my PC, I have to send a mail to your team in order to activate lipikaar. Why? If a person paid an amount of minimum RS. 800, he should have the freedom to use the software fully and if you don’t even trust your own paid customers than what’s the point of selling lipikaar? Keep it more & more complicated & make this freeware or you can also preserve it from being sold. It is simply pathetic that a customer, after buying the original software have to mail you you each time he formats his PC. Why don’t you provide a serial number to each customer to use it without all these freaking stuff? Like other softwares? And if you are so afraid of piracy that you even don’t want to provide full freedom to even your paid customers, well I have a better idea, SIMPLY DON”T SALE IT, JUST PRESERVE IT, IT WILL NEVER BE PIRATED, I GUARANTEE…

    1. Anonymous

      Dear Sir,

      We appreciate your feedback and apologize for the inconvenience caused. We do understand the need to simplify our registration & activation process and rest assured we are working towards the same. Our next release which is a couple of months away will simplify the activation process and you will not face these issues.
      Since the activation process is a major change, we cannot release a quick fix for the same.
      Please bear with us.

      Thank you for your feedback once again.

      Best Regards,
      Team Lipikaar.

  3. Nagendrababu Ml

    Hello i recently knows about LIPIKAAR SOFTWARE for TELUGU language and from that moment i shows intrest to buy the software.But unfortunately i don’t know how to buy this.So would u mail me how to purchase the LIPIKAAR software to my mail id i.e,