Display Boards for Banks

Attention Bank Managers:

The technology you install in your bank reflects on your brand, on your profitability, and most importantly it reflects on your attitude.

Don’t devalue your premises and your brand with ordinary interest-rate display!

However, any display system you install becomes the focus of attention within your premises for all visiting customers. Why install an ordinary token indicator when you can use this opportunity to not only show tokens, and interest rates but also show advertising messages, product schemes, client greetings, powerful thoughts, employee birthdays, and much more.

BizBooster is a highly advanced, programmable, and user friendly digital display. It’s as powerful as a computer yet as simple as a TV.

What can BizBooster do for your bank? Let’s start with your business.

How many minutes on average does a customer spend in your bank?

Do you use this time making her wait for her turn OR do you remind her of your latest products schemes and benefits?
With a simple keyboard you can program several messages and advertisements that BizBooster will display at your selected time intervals with your logo, and your selected language. It can display your message in any five major Indian languages of your choice. You can even upload a file that has all your messages through its computer interface. BizBooster will give you an exclusive and flexible marketing channel dedicated to increasing awareness of various products and schemes, effectively “selling more” to your large customer base.

Now, let us talk about the ambience in your bank.

Does your bank reflect a modern hi-tech environment?

Are your employees treating your customers with impatience and frowns?
Does your bank environment make one minute seem like one hour to the customer?
BizBooster is available in multiple sizes and sleek designs that enhance the value of your hi-tech premises. It comes will one thousand built in powerful thoughts and one thousand melodious tunes from old Hindi films. With a single keystroke you can program it to display a powerful “thought for the day” or “thought for the hour” or play the heart warming tune of “hum honge kamyaab” for a few minutes at lunch hour especially when your customers are getting impatient in the long lines. It can remember the birthdays of all employees and greet them on their special day. It can greet important clients and bosses when they visit your branch. It can remind customers and employees regarding holidays and important dates. It can do whatever you want it to make your workplace come alive!

Even your customers need these moments. A bank trip should not be a painful affair for them. Reminding them of your products, reading a powerful thought on your wall, or listening to an old tune for a few minutes – all this reminds your customers and employees that they’re in good hands. That’s good for them and good for your business. It’s as simple as that!

If you’ve read this far, you should give us a call.

Remember: For a few thousand more you can bring life into your bank. Why devalue your premises and your brand with a token indicator or an ordinary interest-rate display?

You can always check with satisfied branch managers at other branches or banks before you order.

Our happy customers include:

  • State Bank Of India
  • Suvarnayug Sahakari Bank Ltd.
  • Sadhana Saha. Bank Ltd.
  • Bank Of Maharastra
  • Bank Of Baroda
  • Bank Of India
  • Bharati Saha. Bank Ltd.
  • The Syamrao Vithal Co-OP Bank
  • Agrasen Urban Co-OP Bank.
  • Union Bank Of India
  • Udyam Vikas Saha. Bank
  • Rupee Co-op. Bank Ltd
  • Janaseva Saha.Bank Ltd.
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Parivartan Sah. Bank

Typically, very few decisions you make are enthusiastically welcomed by everyone – your customers, your employees, and your bosses. Based on our experiences with existing customers, we are certain that installing a BizBooster will be one of them.

For details or to place an order contact any of our sales offices.

We look forward to adding you to our list of proud owners of BizBooster.