Waiting Rooms at Hospitals & Clinics

BizBooster is a highly advanced, programmable, and user friendly digital display. It’s as powerful as a computer yet as simple as a TV.

Why install a display system in your waiting room?

  • How many minutes on average does your client spend in your waiting room?
  • Do you use this time making her wait for her turn OR do you remind her of your superior facilities, expertise and assure her that she is in good hands?

With a simple keyboard you can program several messages that BizBooster will display at your selected time intervals, and your selected language. It can display your message in any five major Indian languages of your choice. You can even upload a file that has all your messages through its computer interface. BizBooster will give you an exclusive and flexible channel to communicate with your patients even when you are not with them.

Now, let us talk about the ambience in your clinic.

  • Does your clinic reflect a modern hi-tech environment?
  • Is your receptionist treating your clients with impatience?
  • Does your waiting room make one minute seem like one hour to the client?

BizBooster is available in multiple sizes and sleek designs that enhance the value of your hi-tech premises. It comes will one thousand built in powerful thoughts and one thousand melodious tunes from old Hindi films. With a single keystroke you can program it to display a powerful “thought for the day” or “thought for the hour” or play the heart warming tune of “hum honge kamyaab” for a few minutes especially when your patients are getting impatient with the long wait. It can even greet your patients by name in the order of your appointment schedule. It can do whatever you want it to make your waiting room lively!

Waiting for a doctor, lawyer, dentist or accountant should not be an annoying time for the client. Reminding them of health tips, reading a powerful thought on your wall, or listening to an old tune for a few minutes makes them forget their worries. That’s good for them and good for your business. It’s as simple as that!

Biz-Booster is very simple to operate. Your receptionist will be able to manage it comfortably. It can display information in English and all Indian regional languages.

Why install a display system in your hospital?


  • To display names of visiting specialists along with their area of specialization, timings and other related information.
  • To educate your patients while they are waiting on things relevant to your field such as post-treatment care.
  • To inform patients about forthcoming holidays, your vacation and so on.
  • To inform first-time patients about payment norms and other.
  • administrative details.
  • To display auto-changing inspiring thoughts to lift the spirits of the waiting patients.
  • To play soft music and thereby create a perfect ambience in the waiting area.
  • To display names of next few or all waiting patients in the order in which they will be called.
  • Seeing their name on the list will reassure them and ease their anxiety while waiting for their turn.
  • To inform waiting patients about your own special accomplishments and competence in certain areas.

Our happy customers include:

  • Ruby Hospital
  • Bharati Hospital
  • Naik Hospital
  • Shahar Aarogya Kutumb Kalyan Kendra
  • Inlax & Budhrani Hospital
  • Kamala Neheru Hospital
  • Aundh Chest Hospital